Zebra NuSprial Ballpoint Review

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After some time away from reviews, I am back and ready to take a look at the Zebra NuSprial. This pen was ordered from one of my favorite places to pen shop, JetPens. For many years now I have been a fan of the Zebra line. They are generally a sleek classically modern looking style of pen that is not fancy nor expensive and can be obtained at most major retailers. Zebra also has a wide variety of offerings and styles, mostly ballpoints and gels.

Zebra_NuSprial-2While not all models are available in retail, I picked up the NuSprial from JetPens because of its looks. I seemed like an interesting pen. Nothing fancy just the typical, non-pressurized ballpoint that you find from Zebra and many other brands but where this pen separates from the pack is in the ergonomically designed barrel. Typically Zebra pens are fairly small in diameter, closer in size to an average stick ballpoint.

The NuSprial is about like holding three F-301s together at the sametime. It also has a molded groove that starts just above the black rubberized grip section forming a nice curve that if rolled and rested in between the index finger and thumb fits nicely as if it were molded for the hand. The black grip section is longer than a lot of other pen models, giving you plenty of choice on how far back you can grip it.

Zebra_NuSprial-3For me, having smaller hands and liking to hold my pens closer to the tip and at more of a 90 degree angle this molded barrel doesn’t have much of an impact since my whole grip pretty much stays on the black rubberized section however if you have larger hands or hold your pens further back possibly at more of a 45 degree angle such as many fountain pens then this might just fit the calling. It is larger like most fountain pens and would allow for a similar grip though it is just a standard ballpoint and certainly doesn’t write any different than other Zebra pens.

Overall still a great choice.


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