The Woes of the Wopex

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The Steadtler Wopex is not your typical pencil. You can’t miss this bright green monster. I wanted to try this one as I had heard that it was resistant to smudging, which is one of my biggest issues with pencils. So I picked up a box from Amazon at a reasonable price. Not bad they fall closer in price to the Cedar Pointe much cheaper than your Blackwings.

There certainly are some good things to say about these beyond the price. The main thing I notice is that this pencil does seem to stay sharp longer, and it does indeed appear that it resists smudging. You will also notice the texture of the “wood” it has more of a rubber feel and doesn’t smell like graphite or wood as a traditional pencil will. This could be good or bad depending on your preference but for me this is a non-issue.

My real complaint with this pencil come to when you try to sharpen it.  It really is just not as good of an experience as some of your higher quality wood pencils competitors. The good news is that when you sharpen it you won’t have the issue I get from time to time of pushing it too hard into the second stage of two stage sharpener and breaking the lead off into the sharpener. The only other pencil I have used that doesn’t seem to ever have this issue no matter how much pressure you use is the Blackwing 602. Other pencils seem to have this happen quite easily.

Overall this pencil really is a great choice especially for the going price. So if you are not hung up on having the feel and smell of real wood and willing to hone you sharpening skills and figure out how to get this pencil consistently sharpened to your liking then this may be a real winner in your pencil collection.  As for me I am just not sure I am going to be able to handle the frustrations of getting it sharpened.

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