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Pilot has a good line of fountain pens. The Pilot Kakuno is known by many as the smiling nib pen because as you can see from the pictures below, Pilot has added a few style marking to the nib to make it smile at the author. An added fun features that just makes this pen even more irresistible. The bad news is it might just be a little harder to get in the U.S., JetPens carries this pen but it took awhile for it to to become accessible.

Look & Feel

Overall I really don’t have much bad to say about this pen, it is light. It is plastic much like the Lamy Safari and the grip is molded into the same hexagonal shape as the grey body. The snap cap is convenient and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose. It is very close to the same length, both capped and posted to the Safari as well as in weight. The Kakuno might be a tad lighter but it is hard to tell without putting them on a scale.  The only real difference is the Safari has a clip and the Kakuno is in need. It is comfortable to me just as the Safari is and is great value for the price. I paid about $20 total for it just as I did my Safari.

Writing Performance

This is where the Kakuno really shines. First is is Japanese so the nibs run finer than the European nibs. I have an extra fine Safari and a fine Kakuno, and the Kakuno is by far finer than the Safari. In fact it might almost be finer than my extra fine Twsbi! For me this s a win I love fine nibs. Second the smoothness of this nib is incredible! I don’t have a ton of experience with different nibs but out of the handful I have this is probably the smoothest and finest.  It takes almost any writing angle without skipping even reverse is almost as smooth and good as not. No flow issues on this pen! I currently have the Pilot black cartridge that came with the pen in it but you can get a converter as I plan to do in the near future. I started my fountain pen journey with the Lamy Safari extra fine and while the Safari as the added bonus of removable and replaceable nib units, the Kakuno by far would have impressed me more and hooked me on fountain pens faster. To me this is a much better starter fountain pen. For an everyday pen this one is almost impossible to beat. It just may not look the best in your business meeting.






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