The Rotring 600

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Today I am talking Rotring, Rotring 600 that is. This pen took a long bit of consideration to pull the trigger on. As many know there is a good Rotring following and many models are discontinued. The only way to get your hands one one of these is to pay up! I have had my hands on a Tikky and Core in the past and while I did much admire the design Rotring, I just wasn’t all that impressed with those entry level models. The Tikky just dosen’t write that well and the Core, is just awkward to hold and carry around. ┬áBut I decided to give them one last chance knowing that I could easily sell the pen for close to what I had into it.

I decided that that the smooth grip would be better for my tastes and found a good one one eBay, feeling well poor as I hit that purchase button. I don’t know what the MRSP on these were when they came out but today they get pricy. Of course like any big pen purchase after you make that decision to purchase you just count down the days until it arrival. I couldn’t wait! I had been thinking about this pen for quite sometime.

After finally getting it, I carted it around for a few days writing with it, not letting it out of my sight. So, here is what I have to say…

The pen is well built, moderately heavy just as you would expect from its looks. It is comfortable, though if you like bigger grip rotring-600-nos-1sections and not slippery materials then I can see where this one might be an issue. It is the size of a standard ballpoint but the smooth metal grip can easily get a little slick. I sometimes do have a bit of a time getting a comfortable grip on it in cold conditions. It does take a standard “parker-style” refill, which really helps its cause purely as a by product of all the choices you can refill it with. But don’t misunderstand, the rotring refill it came with is very good much better than the Tikky and certainly as good or better than the one I received with the Core.

rotring-600My only real complaint with the pen besides the price was the slop in the refill, between the body and cartridge, however I found that if I take a bit of a more 90 degree approach to my writing style then that is not as noticeable (for any pen with this issue). Which works for me just fine. My style is naturally like this and only has changed a bit with the use of fountain pens. The smooth tapered transition from the grip to the end of the refill is ideal for me and makes it one of the most comfortable ballpoints I have.

I really do love this pen, I just wish it was not as pricy as they are. I now see why people are such fans of Rotring it really just might out do many of my other top ballpoints. Is it a daily cary? Probably not just because I wouldn’t want to loose it or risk extensive damage. But it will grace my desk for many years to come.

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