The Amazing Vanishing Point

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Pilot vanishing pointThe Vanishing Point is just that, amazing. This is a wonderful gold nib pen that any fountain pen user must try. Finally and got this wonderful pen from a great retailer, Pen Chalet. I ordered, they shipped next business day and within a few days I was enjoying this pen a work! I don’t know why there are not more retractable fountain pens, sure they would be tricky to design but I have always enjoyed my click pens but this pen goes beyond that. The only thing that would make this pen better is if it took the Con 70 pump converter but still not a bad purchase.



The Good

There a ton of great things about this pen for me.

1. Retractable – It is one of the only retractable fountain pens and that has such a convenience factor for me that now I can say that it might be an everyday carry.

2. The Gold Nib – This gold nib writes amazing, takes no pressure and is smoother than I think is possible to put into words.

3. The Engineering – ┬áthe solid functioning of this pen and the cool trapped door style mechanism in the grip of the pen is really quite impressive.

4. Nib Style – This nib is very small in comparison to other nibs and while that poses some risks the nice thing is that now you can use this pen at the office or in a meeting and it is not as noticeable to others that what you have is a really cool fountain pen. Maybe you just want to use your pens in peace without comments on how you always have “fancy” pens.

5. The Details – Pilot thought of the details on this pen. It is not surprising it has been a favorite for many years. The bottom of the grip section has been flattened out so that as you hold it at more of a lower angle to the paper you won drag the body on the paper as the nib is not very tall to keep the body away from the surface.

6. The Balance – The pen is evenly balanced all the way front to back and a nice length similar to an ordinary office pen making it very nice for me to hold. Pilot vanishing point The Bad

1. The Clip – Some may find the clip annoying and make it uncomfortable to hold. Me, I am adaptive and not picky usually I just find a good way to hold pens and move on not too many do I just find impossible to grip.

2. Color Options – It took me a long time to order this pen because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted. This pen comes in a wide range of color options. Pilot vanishing point

Thank you to my friends a Pen Chalet for the great customer service and quick shipping, thanks to them I will be enjoying my new pen for many years to come. With this I do believe that Pilot is for sure becoming one of my favorite pen brands, as every one I have owned I do love and are very much worth the money.



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