Sailor Sapporo Zoom Nib Review

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Today we are taking a closer look at the Sailor Sapporo Zoom nib. Sailor is known for a unique lineup of nibs. Some of them are hard to imagine that they are even functional. The Zoom nib has always been one that I thought would be the perfect nib and suite me very well. It seemed like a pen that … Read More

Lamy 2000 Pen Review

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Ahhhh, the Lamy 2000, purely classic and probably just about any serious pen person has or wants. Ok, not everyone but pretty close. I have to be honest at first I had little interest in this pen. Don’t get me wrong I have always taken to the Lamy style since day one and this pen was no exception. It has … Read More

Kaweco AL Sport Raw

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Ahh… yes Kaweco, might I say king of the pocket fountain pen? Maybe, they certainly could make a case for it. Today I am taking a look at one of the finest examples of a pocket fountain pen. The AL raw is an upgrade to the ever popular Ice Sport. I picked up a fine Ice Sport at my local … Read More

Twsbi 580 AL Review

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As I have known for awhile now the Twsbi line is full of great value piston fill pens. But when I saw the 580AL I knew it just might be my next it a growing collection. Not only does the Aluminum provide add some “coolness” to the pen but some reassurance of strength in the piston mechanism. The Good There is … Read More

Lamy Safari Review

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Like many people I got my foot in the door of the fountain pen world with a  Lamy Safari. It is recommended by many as a good everyday pen and a solid beginner fountain pen.  There is a rather cult like following to this iconic pen and while I do see many good things to the design and functionality, it … Read More

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its a Falcon

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Yes, cheesy title I know but much like Superman the Pilot Falcon is a classic. It is a super classy looking pen that some would classify as a semi-flex nib. As a pen collector I just couldn’t wait to own one, if for nothing else than that super stylish nib! Thanks to the great customer service at Pen Chalet I … Read More

The Esterbrook Bandwagon

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When I got into fountain pens a while back I didn’t think that I would be getting into vintage pens really at all, lets face it there are a great number of amazing new pens on the market and after I was give a vintage parker by a grandparent I realized just how different vintage fountain pens are and how … Read More

The Amazing Vanishing Point

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The Vanishing Point is just that, amazing. This is a wonderful gold nib pen that any fountain pen user must try. Finally and got this wonderful pen from a great retailer, Pen Chalet. I ordered, they shipped next business day and within a few days I was enjoying this pen a work! I don’t know why there are not more … Read More

The Smiling Nib

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Pilot has a good line of fountain pens. The Pilot Kakuno is known by many as the smiling nib pen because as you can see from the pictures below, Pilot has added a few style marking to the nib to make it smile at the author. An added fun features that just makes this pen even more irresistible. The bad … Read More

Twsbi Mini Official Review

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Ok, so in the past I have used my Twsbi mini in several videos and used it to write ink reviews but today I am going to do the official review of the pen! In my opinion every pen collector and user should at least own one of these pens, I know in the past they have had their issues … Read More