Sailor Sapporo Zoom Nib Review

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Today we are taking a closer look at the Sailor Sapporo Zoom nib. Sailor is known for a unique lineup of nibs. Some of them are hard to imagine that they are even functional. The Zoom nib has always been one that I thought would be the perfect nib and suite me very well. It seemed like a pen that would be very good for everyday at the office.

The concept of the Zoom is that the lower you hold it towards a 45 degree angle the broader the line, as you move up closer to a 90 degree angle to the paper the thinner the line. This seemed great because when you are at the office and you know you are writing on low quality paper you could adjust up the angle and not put as much ink down on the paper. When you got home or were using your better quality paper you could lower the angle and really let the ink flow and show off some of the great ink qualities.

imageSo, I finally pulled the trigger on a Sailor Sapporo from Pen Chalet. There customer service was great and the pen arrived with no issues. Overall the Sailor Sapporo is nothing special when in terms of design or style. It sports a almost cigar type shape with flat ends on the cap and barrel. The Sailor anchor logo decorates the top of the cap and a decorative rhodium ring around the base of the cap says “Sailor Japan Founded 1911”. The pen is made from a smooth resin/plastic material. the Cap screws on and can also be securely posted when in use.

imageThe Sailor Sapporo is quite comfortable and light and relativity short in length. But where the really good part of this review gets is into the nib. The Zoom nib does exactly what it advertises. The closer to 90 degrees you get the finer the line. It was very smooth writing. This 14k gold nib is most assuredly is the best part.

As a whole thought, I was very disappointed as this pen really just writes way to broad and wet for my taste. I can’t really ever seeing myself using this pen for much of any reason. I am a fine nib person. I wire fairly small and this pen just doesn’t work for that. Had been a range from extra fine at 90 degrees to Fine or Medium the closer to 45 degrees you got, I would love this pen but as it stands it goes from about medium to broad and that is just not for me. If you love the medium to broad nib pens then this might be the pen for you!

Weight: 18g  / Length: 146.05 mm (Posted)

Weight: 18g  / Length: 127 mm (Capped)

Weight: 10g  / Length: 114.3 mm (Uncapped)

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