Quiver Pen Holders Review

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I saw these Quiver pen holders online and just couldn’t resist. I have never attached a pen holder to any of my notebooks but these just looked neat and functional. They aren’t cheap but are handmade and full leather so it was worth the price. The Single pen holder really was what sold the order and I decided I couldn’t get the order without the double pen holder as well. I wanted to try out both and decide which one worked best for my notebook. These holders come in a few sizes and a variety of leather color and stitching color. These are made for an A5 sized notebook and possibly other sizes if you take a look at their site.

The single Pen Holder

The single pen holder is what made me place the order. I thought that it was super slick looking with the holder being on the binding of the book. As well as looking good I was really liking the idea of my notebook laying completely flat inside a backpack or messenger bag. If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything else, it is when things don’t lay flat in my bag causing it to be bulky with little in it.

The problem with this design is that the notebook won’t open completely flat due to the leather on the spine. Plus you can only fit one pen in the holder. These were trade offs that I knew were going to happen but decided it was worth it anyway. The problems I didn’t foresee on my Rhodia webbie A5 notebook were that the Rhodia webbies have pockets on the back cover, this pen holder straps to both the front and back of the cover, interfering with the use of the pocket. The second problem is that because of the front and back attachment and construction method it causes the cover to not shut completely without bowing┬áthe Rhodia notebook cover out slightly.While these were enough problems for me to take this pen holder off the notebook and replace it with the second two pen Quiver I purchased I went ahead and put it on my A5 Red n’ Black and these were no longer issues. The build of this notebook made these non-issues. So I like the single pen holder but it is certainly not right for every notebook and may not be quite as functional as the double pen holder.

The Double Pen Holder

The double pen holder is a great holder that seems to be stylish, functional and versatile. It doesn’t allow your notebook to lay flat in a stack but can hold two average sized pens versus only one. The other great thing about this holder is that on my Rhodia A5 webbie the cover lays 90% flat without issues and the back pocket remains fully functional. So the conclusion I have come to is that this double pen holder will stay on my Rhodia webbie and I will find a notebook better suited to the single pen holder. I wouldn’t mind having a few of these laying around for any of my A5 sized notebooks. A5s happens to be my favorite size so I am in luck.


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