Platinum Preppy Review

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In this review I am going to focus on the Platinum Preppy, it doesn’t sound exciting but it is a great pen at a great value and does deserve a look. It fits in the same category as the Pilot Varsity, as it is of similar build and price but out ranks it as I see it. Here is why.

Don’t get me wrong the Pilot Varsity is a great little pen that is, no fuss. You buy it for about $3.00 and when you are done or it gets lost, no problem. Just buy a new one. It doesn’t really allow you to choose your ink and if you write a lot, it is not the best value on ink. My main problem with it is that when you are done you throw it away and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Enter the Platinum Preppy. It gives you a choice in nib size, color and will take a cartridge or converter so while it wouldn’t be a big loss if it were broken or stolen it still gives you great value using bottled ink and if you are not hard on pens you shouldn’t have to dispose of it until many many uses later. The converter will probably cost you more than the $3.00 pen costs to begin with but the other great thing is that it can be turned into an eyedropper pen reducing the cost but allowing for a good amount of ink storage.

Normally I wouldn’t be to interested in a pen like this however I ended up getting it for one reason. To be my Noodler’s Baystate Blue pen. As many people have let it be known, Baystate Blue is a great colored ink but might be considered one of those more risky inks you don’t want to be putting in your most expensive or temperamental pen. It has some extreme makeup that don’t warrant it being mixed with any non-baystate family ink and is known to be a little tough to clean out. I put Baystate Blue in my Pilot Kakuno and quickly noticed that it quit flowing and writing shortly after and needed to clean it out. Thus purchased this blue Preppy to be my dedicated Baystate Blue pen. I went ahead and converted it to an eyedropper with a rubber o-ring and silicone grease and now am very impressed with how smooth the nib feels for a $3.oo pen. It is comfortable and a joy to write with. It is plastic and not the most beautiful thing but like I say about the Pilot Varsity, if you loose or break it, no big deal. I would be good for a student or kid as well. It for sure has its place in a collection. So if you have that ink you love but just don’t want to put it in your everyday carry pens, try a Platinum Preppy!


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