Maintenance of your Beloved Lamy 2000

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Like me, there are many pen collectors that just fall in love with the Lamy 2000 at first sight. The Lamy 2000 has has had a long history and continues to quite possibly be my favorite pen to date.

One of great features of the 2000 is the piston filling system. However unlike the Twsbi line which come with a wrench and instructions the 2000 doesn’t come apart so easily or completely. But that doesn’t mean it won’t need a good coat of grease to continue writing for years to come. The good news is that greasing your Lamy 2000 is extremely quick and easy. Below are the steps you will need to take to keep your pen operating smoothly.

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    Step 1: Supplies

    You will need silicone grease, a Q-Tip, and your empty Lamy 2000.

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    Step 2 : Prep

    Disassemble your Lamy 2000 by unscrewing the nib and grip section from the body. Do this over a clean surface be very careful not to loose the silver ring that is seated in the grip section! Finally, make sure the blind cap is closed as if the pen were fully inked.

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    Step 3: Grease

    Put a small amount of grease on the Q-Tip and push greased end into the body of the pen and coat the side walls of the body of the pen. After removing the Q-Tip, operate the blind cap and run the plunger up and down then pen a few times. You should feel the operation of the plunger loose up and glide freely with very little resistance.

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    Step 4: Reassemble and Re-ink

    Reassemble your pen and enjoy the smooth filling of a well greased piston filling pen!

One Comment on ““Maintenance of your Beloved Lamy 2000”

  1. Tas

    Watch out with those Q Tips.
    I used one to clean the sac of an old Conklin only to pull it out leaving the cotton part inside.

    It’s still there !
    Must buy a crochet needle or something to retrieve it.


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