Lamy Pico Pocket Pen Review

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Thanks to Pen Chalet, today I am taking a look at the Lamy Pico pocket pen. As I have stated in my Lamy 2000 review my first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari. The Safari turned out to not be one of my favorite pens and I was hesitant buy them despite my love for their designs. However after being impressed with the 2000 I have been giving them a chance. I really liked the design of the Pico and wanted to see how a ballpoint would perform, after all I would like to get a ballpoint 2000.

I have a thing for pocket pens so this seemed to fit the bill. I have a pretty solid collection of ballpoints and pocket pens at this point but despite that this I think has become a legit number one contender for the my top pocket pen. Don’t get me wrong I love pens like my Fisher Space Pen Bullet, but in my recent post of top pocket pens this nudged out the bullet. The only reason it did was the fact that you can operate it with one hand, the bullet really requires two as you must uncap then would likely post it.
Lamy has come through again! The design is very nice, modern and sleek and comes in a variety of colors. I chose Imperial Blue. It has a deep color that might show the slightest hint of metallic qualities. the Lamy logo is sported on the barrel in a raised emblem style and is fairly small in size.  It is about 3.5 inches when closed and extends to almost 5 inches when extended for writing, which is very close to your standard office pen length.
The mechanical workiLamyPico1ngs of this pen are also very well designed. To use the pen, push in on the back of the pen until it is no longer able to be compressed then release and the pen will spring back and extend into writing form, giving you the full 5 inch length. Do the same thing to retract the pen back to its 3.5 in pocketable size.
The grip, unlike the Bullet this pen is basically the same diameter from one end to the other. There is no taper. It looks to be roughly a half of an inch in diameter, which is much like holding a Sharpie.
Just as much as I like the way this pen works and looks, it writes equally well, it smooth and easy flowing and while ballpoints are hard sometimes to compare given how similarly they work and are made, there are bad ones. I don’t know that I can say that is number one the best ballpoint because that is just to hard to say, but it a very good writer and is not likely to disappoint.

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