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Ahhhh, the Lamy 2000, purely classic and probably just about any serious pen person has or wants. Ok, not everyone but pretty close. I have to be honest at first I had little interest in this pen. Don’t get me wrong I have always taken to the Lamy style since day one and this pen was no exception. It has amazing style just my kind of pen from the durable Makrolon┬ábody, to the pivoting clip, hooded nib, and snap cap, personally I couldn’t dream of a better pen but one thing stood in the way. Like many my first pen was a Lamy Safari and while it is not a bad pen for a beginner I just never cared much for the way it wrote. The extra fine nib was still too big of a line and I never really took to the pen as a whole. Instead I found pens I took to better in the Pilot and Twsbi line. Thus I just figured that Lamy wasn’t for me but after hearing over and over how great the Lamy 2000 was I decided I had to give it a shot. After all the pen looked extremely practical and stylish.

Lamy2000-1As I can say now, it certainly lived up to the hype. This pen is pretty much amazing in every way for me. The pop top cap is very practical, one complaint I have always had with fountain pens is the twist off caps the most come with. I generally write in small amounts at one time so this is perfect. The durable Makrolon is good for everyday use and carry and is light to the touch. It doesn’t feel like plastic light but just much lighter than it looks. The length and width is perfect for me it is not a super small pocket lie pen but by far on the smaller end of the fountain pen scale. The best part, the nib. The hooded nib aids in the pen drying out while uncapped and the style and shape is not like traditional fountain pens. Hooded nibs are my favorite and not many pens have them. The best part to me of this design is the understated size and style.Finally, you can use this pen everyday and take it to meetings at work and not feel like your showing off, in fact I bet some may not even notice your pen is different than theirs. Post this pen and the balance couldn’t be any better, I can balance this pen in the center on one finger and it will stay like a scale with the same weight on both ends.

lamy-2000- 2There is not a lot to complain about here. The nib is fantastic and the design is stunning. If you rotate the nib while writing you might run into issues with skipping and while the cap posts securely some amount of jostling and picking up and setting down can jar it loose. But these are minor problems. The pen does sport an ink window but while it does hold probably close to 2 ml of ink, you can’t see how much is really in it. Just make sure that you buy this pen from a reputable dealer as there have been some quality control issues with the nib tuning.

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