Kaweco AL Sport Raw

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Kaweco-al-sportAhh… yes Kaweco, might I say king of the pocket fountain pen? Maybe, they certainly could make a case for it. Today I am taking a look at one of the finest examples of a pocket fountain pen. The AL raw is an upgrade to the ever popular Ice Sport. I picked up a fine Ice Sport at my local pen shop (yes we are that lucky around here) and was in love, it was small but was extremely comfortable and pocketable. The bright orange screamed at me and the smoothness of the nib was incredible. I was pretty new to fountain pens at the time and couldn’t imagine needing a better pen than this! But as many of you know things only get worse as your experiences grow. I quickly became dissatisfied with several aspects of the pen.

kaweco-al-sport-3The fine nib was just too big and wet for everyday writing on non fountain pen friendly paper. But more than that the Kaweco sport takes a standard international cartridge and no converters will fit (well almost none). Many people just refill old used cartridges and move on. I tried refilling cartridges, turning in into an eyedropper, buying the one converter made for it and even making my own converter. About the only thing that worked was refilling.

The retail converter is horrible. You can’t hardly fill it without a syringe anyway and then I had issues getting the ink to continue to stay primed in the feed. The eyedropper while successful for some was a disaster for me. It always seemed to leak drops of ink from the feed at some point and while making my own worked well, I went to put it in my new AL Sport and it was to long, now it appears to me the pens are the same length but the inside of the body must not be the same between the two.

My final problem with the Ice Sport was the translucent plastic like in many clear pens allows all the trapped ink, dirty plastic and trapped water to annoy those of us that have nothing better to worry about.

kaweco-al-sport-2So I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on the AL Sport. But I couldn’t resist, it looks so cool and they do write really well. I made sure to get the extra fine this time and because the body is Aluminum you can’t make it into an eyedropper, but why would I care, that didn’t work for me anyway.

a much better pen than the Ice Sport. It of course fits stunningly in the pocket is very comfortable with the smooth concave grip section and a nice length when posted. The Aluminum build gives it a moderate weight and hides all the trapped ink and water (a bonus). It is till has the problem of being a hard pen to refill (even worse without the eyedropper option) and while I do wish the extra fine was a bit more on the fine side I do really love this pocket pen! A must for those that have a need to stuff you pockets full of pens.


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