Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its a Falcon

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Pilot FalconYes, cheesy title I know but much like Superman the Pilot Falcon is a classic. It is a super classy looking pen that some would classify as a semi-flex nib. As a pen collector I just couldn’t wait to own one, if for nothing else than that super stylish nib! Thanks to the great customer service at Pen Chalet I can pull out my Falcon anytime I feel the need to get a good long gander at it!

The Good

The Falcon (acrylic version) is a very very light pen. It is easily one of the lightest pens I have handled and I was caught off guard by just how light it really was, you 2014-07-30 21.49.24almost think that maybe it wasn’t worth the pice just because of how light it is. Personally for me this is a good thing, I love lighter pens and the acrylic is a good tough and light material. The pen has a nice understated, classic build. I am found of the classic less flashy pens and this fits the build. Speaking of build it seems to be well built and the nib is a nice 14k gold semi-flex with a vern unique shape. I got the extra fine version and while I haven’t used other sizes, I can tell you that you will feel some feedback with the extra fine nib but I wouldn’t say that it is scratchy just has some noise to it, the key thought is light pressure (as little as possible) and to keep the pressure only on down strokes. I feel like springing or catching this nib on cheaper paper could be very easy to do and at this price point I wouldn’t want to have to replace it.

The Bad

The noise this extra fine makes is a big loud and really with the spring in the nib cheap paper or heavy hands wouldn’t work well. While it is fun to just write without flex Pilot Falconwith this nib I don’t quite seeing¬†this pen being a good everyday pen just with the reactiveness¬†of the nib to pressure. Plus like I said before the rough, bad quality paper really makes this pen harder to work with. The biggest problem with this pen is the converter, because it doesn’t take the bigger Pilot con70 converter the pen doesn’t hold a big amount of ink at all and if you get a medium or broad nib this could be a big problem especially with the flex type nib. The only issue I had with flow is when I put the Platinum Carbon Black ink it. Then when flexed the flow would break and the pen would railroad but with standard inks it seemed to keep up great.


Overall this is a classic pen that I do really like, It will not be an everyday carry for me but I am glad I got my hands on one. At this point since I haven’t be come a master at flex writing the price point is a bit steep and can think of several other pens that are probably a better value and more useful.

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