Edison Premiere Winter Edition (Review)

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Those in the world of fountain pens are probably familiar with the Edison Pen Co. A great story of a small pen company in the USA that makes every pen by hand.Thanks to @MyPenJourney on Twitter I got experience an Edison for the first time. But as you probably guessed this means that now Edison just jumped up higher on my own wishlist.

The first thing I noticed when opening the presentation box are the silver dotted accent ring that lines the rim of the packaging and while this is only the box it is something I have not seen done before. I can just imagine how this would look in a lighted display case in a store. It would grab your attention even more.  Ok so enough about the packaging, let’s get into the real treasure, the pen.

Edison-Premiere-Winter-2015-close-upThe pen has a pretty classic shape, essentially a cigar type but with pointed not rounded ends. Like a lot of other pens these are your conventional cartridge converter style fillers. They don’t hold as much as piston fillers but they are easier to maintain. I am all about easy maintenance, and well just don’t write enough to notice the smaller ink capacity.

I am not sure exactly the model of the converter however it does seem to be a fairly large coverter, holding a much larger amount than the Pilot Con-50 and even more than the Lamy Z24. It seems like it is maybe a bit smaller than the Pilot Con-70. The Con-70 is about one of the biggest converters I have seen. Now that we have covered the inside of the pen let’s go to the beauty that is the exterior.

In the Winter Green 2015 edition we see a beautiful patterned light and dark green look that sparkles and changes shades as you roll it under the light.  The gold colored clip adds to the classic beauty and and the pointed tips on the cap and barrel give it a little unique style as the barrel remains uniform in diameter on all but the grip section. The concave, smooth grip section should make it comfortable for just about any hand as well, the threads for the cap are placed in a nice spot for my grip. However even if you do hold the pen on the threads they shouldn’t be uncomfortable as they are very smooth and hardly noticeable. This pen sports a two tone 1.1 mm stub.

The 1.1 mm stub writes very smooth. I suspect it came from Edison with a very smooth nib and with what I suspect might be a good amount of use, it is a dream to write with. It has a very good flow even in a horizontal motion. I have compared it to my Twsbi 1.1 mm stub which I think writes pretty good also and this is noticeably smoother. It seems to what I can tell to be a pretty moderate ink flow. Not gushing but certainly not dry.

Finally, we can look at the weight. The weight is very good for my taste, very light. It might just be one of the lightest pens i have picked up, much lighter than a Twsbi 580 and even maybe a little lighter than a Lamy 2000.

If I have one complaint or downfall of this pen is that while I suppose you could post the cap, I wouldn’t not only would it make the pen very long but I would fear it not saying on and potentially damaging the barrel or cap. I just don’t feel that it was ever intended to be a posting pen. So, if you must post then this may not be a top choice for you.


Fully inked with cap: .6 oz

Fully inked without cap: .4 oz

Length with cap: 6 inches

Length without cap: 5 inches

Diameter of barrel: .5 inches




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