The Woes of the Wopex

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The Steadtler Wopex is not your typical pencil. You can’t miss this bright green monster. I wanted to try this one as I had heard that it was resistant to smudging, which is one of my biggest issues with pencils. So I picked up a box from Amazon at a reasonable price. Not bad they fall closer in price to … Read More

Palomino Blackwing 602 Review

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Introduction When you see someone using a Palomino Blackwing, it is hard to mistake it for any other average wood cased pencil. The striking glossy color (Silver, Black and White) and rectangular eraser certainly give it away. But why does one choose to use one of these legendary pencils? Are they really worth the hype? Well I guess the answer … Read More

Mechanical vs. Wood: Don’t be Lead Astray.

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I think the great debate on Mechanical vs Wood Pencils is quite interesting. I am for sure not a pencil personĀ and I don’t see really becoming one, pencils and I have an odd relationship. Everything I love about them is what causes everything I hate about them as well. I know there are a large number of people that hate … Read More