Uni Pure Malt Review

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The Uni Pure Malt ballpoint was one of those discoveries after finding a deal on JetPens for a Pure Malt multi-pen. While I liked the multi-pen it didn’t have much of the whisky barrel wood and was a bit big for my tastes. But while researching the Pure Malt series I found this beauty and finally took a stab at … Read More

Parker Jotter Review

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Probably over a year ago just starting out on my pen quest I picked up the Parker Jotter at my local Office Depot. After getting it home I was disappointed in it. I mean it seemed to write nice and all but the build quality was just not how it looked to me in the store. So, being frustrated I … Read More

Uni Signo MF2 Multi-pen Review

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The Uni Signo series is a great set of gels that can be found at common retailers. Recently I took a chance on a pure malt closeout sale at Jet Pens, getting a nice multi-pen. Ever since I was little multi-pens have seemed cheap and poor in quality but as I expand my collection I am giving them another chance. … Read More

Twsbi 580 AL Review

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As I have known for awhile now the Twsbi line is full of great value piston fill pens. But when I saw the 580AL I knew it just might be my next it a growing collection. Not only does the Aluminum provide add some “coolness” to the pen but some reassurance of strength in the piston mechanism. The Good There is … Read More

Noodler’s Ahab Review

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The Noodler’s Ahab is one of the most entertaining fountain pens you can own. Its a great value pen but is good enough to satisfy some of the most advanced users and artists.  So let us get into the pen! The Good There is much to like about this pen. It has a large body but is not heavy. It … Read More

Sakuria Pigma Micron

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The Sakura Pigma Micron is quite possibly one of the most popular multiliners around. I know that artist love them and sure there is no reason they can’t be daily writers but at first I didn’t see it replacing my Copic Multiliner, how could it really be any better? After hearing some people in the pen community say how much … Read More

Lamy Safari Review

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Like many people I got my foot in the door of the fountain pen world with a  Lamy Safari. It is recommended by many as a good everyday pen and a solid beginner fountain pen.  There is a rather cult like following to this iconic pen and while I do see many good things to the design and functionality, it … Read More

Tombow Air Press

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After seeing the Tombow Air Press make my top 5 ballpoints it is no surprise that I need to get this review posted! No pen collection is complete without one of these great little pens. It wouldn’t surprise me if I end up with a whole array of these pens. They are solidly priced and come in a wide variety … Read More

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Rollerball

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Lets take a look at what I think is an interesting pen. The J. Herbin rollerball. This rollerball uses fountain pen ink. Many hard core fountain pen users don’t see the point and I must admit that while a fountain pen gives a much better experience for fountain pen ink there was something about this idea that made me put … Read More

Pure Malt Multi Pen

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I remember when I was young my Grandpa always like art and would always draw. He also had multi pens, where the pen contained a red, green and black cartridge and depending which button you pressed down you got the corresponding color. His were cheap pens probably made by Bic and while they were fun to play with as a … Read More