Sakuria Pigma Micron

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The Sakura Pigma Micron is quite possibly one of the most popular multiliners around. I know that artist love them and sure there is no reason they can’t be daily writers but at first I didn’t see it replacing my Copic Multiliner, how could it really be any better? After hearing some people in the pen community say how much … Read More

Lamy Safari Review

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Like many people I got my foot in the door of the fountain pen world with a ┬áLamy Safari. It is recommended by many as a good everyday pen and a solid beginner fountain pen. ┬áThere is a rather cult like following to this iconic pen and while I do see many good things to the design and functionality, it … Read More

Tombow Air Press

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After seeing the Tombow Air Press make my top 5 ballpoints it is no surprise that I need to get this review posted! No pen collection is complete without one of these great little pens. It wouldn’t surprise me if I end up with a whole array of these pens. They are solidly priced and come in a wide variety … Read More

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Rollerball

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Lets take a look at what I think is an interesting pen. The J. Herbin rollerball. This rollerball uses fountain pen ink. Many hard core fountain pen users don’t see the point and I must admit that while a fountain pen gives a much better experience for fountain pen ink there was something about this idea that made me put … Read More

Pure Malt Multi Pen

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I remember when I was young my Grandpa always like art and would always draw. He also had multi pens, where the pen contained a red, green and black cartridge and depending which button you pressed down you got the corresponding color. His were cheap pens probably made by Bic and while they were fun to play with as a … Read More

POLAR Pen Review

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I have been waiting to do this review for a while now. I know not all pen addicts are going to agree with this pen but I was to intrigued to let the POLAR pen pass me buy. They had a lot of delays and issues getting this pen out but they did and it is a very unique pen. … Read More

Fisher Space Pen AG7

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The fisher space pen company is probably best known for their cool Bullet model. Don’t get me wrong the Bullet is a great little pocket pen and is super stylish but today I am reviewing the AG7. The AG7 is overlooked in the pen world. This is a great pen and in my view, better performing than the bullet.   … Read More

The Copic Multiliner SP

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Today I am reviewing the Copic Multiliner SP .5mm. Copics are popular among the art community but can get pricy. As someone who not only likes to draw but has recently experienced the Copic marker line. I was already a fan of the brand, the thing that pushed me over the edge in buying this pen was that just like … Read More

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its a Falcon

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Yes, cheesy title I know but much like Superman the Pilot Falcon is a classic. It is a super classy looking pen that some would classify as a semi-flex nib. As a pen collector I just couldn’t wait to own one, if for nothing else than that super stylish nib! Thanks to the great customer service at Pen Chalet I … Read More

The Esterbrook Bandwagon

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When I got into fountain pens a while back I didn’t think that I would be getting into vintage pens really at all, lets face it there are a great number of amazing new pens on the market and after I was give a vintage parker by a grandparent I realized just how different vintage fountain pens are and how … Read More