POLAR Pen Review

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I have been waiting to do this review for a while now. I know not all pen addicts are going to agree with this pen but I was to intrigued to let the POLAR pen pass me buy. They had a lot of delays and issues getting this pen out but they did and it is a very unique pen. … Read More

Fisher Space Pen AG7

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The fisher space pen company is probably best known for their cool Bullet model. Don’t get me wrong the Bullet is a great little pocket pen and is super stylish but today I am reviewing the AG7. The AG7 is overlooked in the pen world. This is a great pen and in my view, better performing than the bullet.   … Read More

Journaling Resource Link Alert


Take a look at this cool journaling hack and let me know what you think and if you will be trying it out! http://t.co/a9w7HbXcCf Something I know you will think is cool! — PenPursuit (@penpursuit) August 20, 2014

Staples Gold Series Legal Pad

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I while back I was headed off to some interviews and other events and while I could have toted along my beloved iPad I decided that I wanted to take my zip portfolio case with legal pad. The only problem was the crappy legal pad that was stuck in in was not going to be very friendly to my fountain … Read More

Kickstarter Watch

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Kickstarter Pen Roundup The Pen With No Name Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen Pen Friend The LIBERTY Pen: A Handmade Bold Action Constitution Pen Midwest Custom Pens Tool Pen – Makes Everything Beautiful Ti-Ballpoint Pen + Stylus: Refill-friendly titanium pens Hand-Made Pens and Pencils   https://t.co/nZDOLm0KGj New Pen on Kickstarter! Being funded Fast! — PenPursuit (@penpursuit) August 17, 2014

The Copic Multiliner SP

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Today I am reviewing the Copic Multiliner SP .5mm. Copics are popular among the art community but can get pricy. As someone who not only likes to draw but has recently experienced the Copic marker line. I was already a fan of the brand, the thing that pushed me over the edge in buying this pen was that just like … Read More