Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its a Falcon

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Yes, cheesy title I know but much like Superman the Pilot Falcon is a classic. It is a super classy looking pen that some would classify as a semi-flex nib. As a pen collector I just couldn’t wait to own one, if for nothing else than that super stylish nib! Thanks to the great customer service at Pen Chalet I … Read More

The Esterbrook Bandwagon

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When I got into fountain pens a while back I didn’t think that I would be getting into vintage pens really at all, lets face it there are a great number of amazing new pens on the market and after I was give a vintage parker by a grandparent I realized just how different vintage fountain pens are and how … Read More

The Amazing Vanishing Point

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The Vanishing Point is just that, amazing. This is a wonderful gold nib pen that any fountain pen user must try. Finally and got this wonderful pen from a great retailer, Pen Chalet. I ordered, they shipped next business day and within a few days I was enjoying this pen a work! I don’t know why there are not more … Read More

Quiver Pen Holders Review

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I saw these Quiver pen holders online and just couldn’t resist. I have never attached a pen holder to any of my notebooks but these just looked neat and functional. They aren’t cheap but are handmade and full leather so it was worth the price. The Single pen holder really was what sold the order and I decided I couldn’t … Read More

The Smiling Nib

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Pilot has a good line of fountain pens. The Pilot Kakuno is known by many as the smiling nib pen because as you can see from the pictures below, Pilot has added a few style marking to the nib to make it smile at the author. An added fun features that just makes this pen even more irresistible. The bad … Read More