Top 10 Challenges of Being a Pen Collector


Today┬áI am going to break from the reviews and do another fun top ten list. Enjoy and feel free to comment! Ink stained hands. Indexing your beautifully drafted Apache Sunset notes. Deciding which pen is the best for that important meeting or interview. Refraining from saying “No” when asked if you have a pen to borrow. Staying off of Jet … Read More

One Micro Gel Above the Rest

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So this is the post where I am going to rank my top five micro gels. This is how they stand to date and the judgement of these pens was based on how they write, how the look and how they feel in the hand, the total package. I consider anything .5 mm and smaller a micro gel. All the … Read More

Don’t Lose the Cap! (Ohto Capstick Review)

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I was a little hesitant to order this pen from JetPens as I have not heard many good reviews of Ohto fountain pens. But one thing that always attracted me to Ohto ballpoints is their tip size. You don’t often find many ballpoints smaller than .7mm. So I order the Ohto Capstick a nice .5mm pocket pen. Build & Comfort … Read More

My first Rotring

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  Rotring is one of those companies that has a unique style and if you don’t go in like a true pen addict chances you are not aware of them, their prices can be high and sometimes getting their pens can be a good ebay hunt. Up until now I have not made the plunge into the Rotring world. I … Read More