Pilot Down Force

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The Pilot Down Force has been on my radar for a while but never wanted it quite bad enough to order it from Amazon. It is just one of those pens that seemed intriguing due to its construction, appearance and price point. Plus i figured that I couldn’t go wrong as it is made by Pilot. I would put this … Read More

Everyday Inks (EDI): Platinum Carbon Black


I was thinking about what I would consider a good EDC pen and as I started to plan some ink reviews I thought that maybe everyone would like a EDI series of reviews so I loaded up my Twsbi Mini and got to writing with my bottle of Platinum Carbon Black to see how it would rate as an Everyday … Read More

Mechanical vs. Wood: Don’t be Lead Astray.

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I think the great debate on Mechanical vs Wood Pencils is quite interesting. I am for sure not a pencil personĀ and I don’t see really becoming one, pencils and I have an odd relationship. Everything I love about them is what causes everything I hate about them as well. I know there are a large number of people that hate … Read More