Sharpie Pen

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The Sharpie Pen series is probably the most disappointing but not because of the performance of the writing experience but because of the construction and style of the pen. They write wonderfully but I can’t over look all the other issues. First they don’t have but one model that is refillable. The Sharpie Pen fine point I like the feel … Read More

Top 10 Signs You Know Your Addicted to Your Pens


When you can’t sleep trying to decide what ink to put in what pen only to change your mind a week later. When you frequent Kickstarter just for the pens. When you visit Office Depot hoping for a new pen but are only disappointed with the selection. When you pick up a pen and instantly feel guilty because using one … Read More

Pilot G2 Mont Blanc Mod

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Mont Blanc Pilot G2 Mod Yes, boredom got the best of me and I decided to do a mod of one of my Pilot G2 Gels to hold a Mont Blanc refill. Mostly I did it because well, I could and because I don’t own any Mont Blanc pens and I wanted to see how the refill performed, if it … Read More

Where Have All My Pens Gone?

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Where Have All My Pens Gone? I have always loved pens for as far back as I can remember. As a working adult I recently realized how much extra money I was spending in the office supply section and what for? I had plenty of writing utensils at home. Who would be so silly as to have such an attraction … Read More