Maintenance of your Beloved Lamy 2000

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Like me, there are many pen collectors that just fall in love with the Lamy 2000 at first sight. The Lamy 2000 has has had a long history and continues to quite possibly be my favorite pen to date. One of great features of the 2000 is the piston filling system. However unlike the Twsbi line which come with a ... Read More

The Woes of the Wopex

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The Steadtler Wopex is not your typical pencil. You can’t miss this bright green monster. I wanted to try this one as I had heard that it was resistant to smudging, which is one of my biggest issues with pencils. So I picked up a box from Amazon at a reasonable price. Not bad they fall closer in price to … Read More

10 Great Stocking Stuffers

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With all the holiday shopping and gift giving here are some ideas you can grab for the artist or pen lover in your life to help fill that stocking to the brim! Set of three Palomino Blackwing Pencils – You can find all kinds of three sets of these on eBay. However eBay will be the only option as they … Read More

Palomino Blackwing 602 Review

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Introduction When you see someone using a Palomino Blackwing, it is hard to mistake it for any other average wood cased pencil. The striking glossy color (Silver, Black and White) and rectangular eraser certainly give it away. But why does one choose to use one of these legendary pencils? Are they really worth the hype? Well I guess the answer … Read More

Pilot Custom 74 Review

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Introduction Another week, another review. This one comes from one of my favorite retailers and supporters over at Pen Chalet. The pen in this case is the Pilot Custom 74. I heard so many great things about this pen and well, am a sucker for Pilot anyway so I took the plunge on this great pen to added to my … Read More

Pilot s20 Ballpoint Review

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Introduction It has been a while since my last non-fountain pen review so let’s take a look at the Pilot s20 deep red ballpoint I picked up from JetPens. These days it takes a little bigger price point and built quality to get me excited enough to write a review of a non-fountain pen and while this pen won’t take … Read More

Platinum Preppy Review

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In this review I am going to focus on the Platinum Preppy, it doesn’t sound exciting but it is a great pen at a great value and does deserve a look. It fits in the same category as the Pilot Varsity, as it is of similar build and price but out ranks it as I see it. Here is why. … Read More

Edison Premiere Winter Edition (Review)

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Those in the world of fountain pens are probably familiar with the Edison Pen Co. A great story of a small pen company in the USA that makes every pen by hand.Thanks to @MyPenJourney on Twitter I got experience an Edison for the first time.┬áBut as you probably guessed this means that now Edison just jumped up higher on my … Read More

Zebra NuSprial Ballpoint Review

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After some time away from reviews, I am back and ready to take a look at the Zebra NuSprial. This pen was ordered from one of my favorite places to pen shop, JetPens. For many years now I have been a fan of the Zebra line. They are generally a sleek classically modern looking style of pen that is not … Read More

Sailor Sapporo Zoom Nib Review

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Today we are taking a closer look at the Sailor Sapporo Zoom nib. Sailor is known for a unique lineup of nibs. Some of them are hard to imagine that they are even functional. The Zoom nib has always been one that I thought would be the perfect nib and suite me very well. It seemed like a pen that … Read More